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From the simple to the complex, Integrated Mac Solutions offers a full range of services to keep your Macs running at their full potential.

Services & Specialties

System Crashes        
Network Problems        
Data Recovery
Speed Rx

Network Design
Printer & Firewall Implementation
File Servers
E-Mail/FTP/Web Servers
Remote Access
Wireless Solutions
Directory Services

Collaboration Services
Calendar & Contact Sharing
Mobile Device Syncing
Voice over IP Systems (VoIP)

Hardware/Software Needs Analysis  
Back-up & Storage Strategies        
Productivity Enhancement        
Preventative Maintenance Plans
Purchase Assistance

Additional Services
Remote Support
Cross Platform Integration
Data Migration
On-Site Training

Remote Support
Sometimes you don’t have the time to wait for your IT guy to make a site visit. For our established clients, we can take care of many issues remotely, from trouble shooting problems to updating systems.

Cross Platform Integration
Not all work environments are all PC or all Mac. Though very different, sometimes it’s important for both worlds to work together. We understand this and have solutions tailored specifically for your business needs.

Installation, Configuration, and

Data Migration
Purchasing new equipment is exciting, and thankfully
Macs are basically “plug and play.” But sometimes getting things to run smoothly can be challenging if your new external equipment doesn’t want to play with your old system, or your old software doesn’t want to play with the new system. We stay up on the latest Mac operating systems as well as the latest versions of most Mac software and can help you navigate through the process of getting everything to play together nicely.

Purchase Assistance
Unsure of what system, upgrade, or peripheral equipment you should purchase? Have you wondered what size hard drive or how much RAM you really need? Or maybe it’s time to upgrade your back-ups. We take the time to understand your goals and work within your budget to recommend purchases that are the best use of your dollars. We don’t sell systems, we will help you buy wisely.

Speed Rx
Though generally more trouble free than a PC, every once in a while our Macs can become sluggish and may not respond as they used to. From slow boot-ups or malfunctioning fonts to the dreaded “spinning beach ball,” we can give your Mac a going- over to get it back up to speed while providing recommendations on how to keep it that way.

Never trust the “quick fixes” that pop up on the Internet — they usually cause more harm than good.

Creative Clients
We have extensive experience with the creative industry including photographers, graphic designers, web designers, videographers, film makers, etc. We understand the special needs that go along with these fields from high-end software and massive file sizes to specialized hardware, storage and back-ups, and presentation strategies.

VoIP Phone Systems
Significantly less expensive than traditional phone systems, we’ve helped many businesses switch to Voice over IP (VoIP) systems. With it’s abundant features, low cost hardware and software systems, and the ability to work over the Internet anywhere in the world, VoIP systems can cut costs and streamline communications.

Data Recovery
Whether you’ve accidentally trashed important documents, deleted vital emails, or perhaps your morning cup of coffee landed on your laptop, all may not be lost. We have an excellent track record of recovering lost files, even if the hard disk is unbootable or unrepairable.

Maintenance Plans
Designed to keep your systems healthy and save on overall IT costs, these proactive service plans provide our clients with regularly scheduled onsite visits to understand ongoing needs and stay on top of issues before they become problems. By providing proactive support at regularly scheduled times, we are able to personally interact with users to identify and provide support for issues which otherwise would go unknown and unresolved until they become ill-timed emergencies. We have programs for both large and small systems, and they include discounts on all non-maintenance billing rates.